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Dear STS Cable Customer:

Unfortunately, due to technology upgrades required to maintain quality service, it is no longer feas ible to continue the operation of the cable portion of our system. We have conducted studies entertaining the possibility of expanding our system, however the result of these studies indicate that there is not adequate room for expansion in our geographic area.

Therefore, it is with deep regret that STS Cable will no longer be providing Cable TV services effective September 30, 2014. However, we will continue providing our High Speed Broadband Internet Service.

P. Riley Enterprises will continue to provide High Speed Broadband Internet service at the following rates:

  • SpeedNet Essentials - Up to 1.5 Megs $39.95
  • SpeedNet Basic - Up to 3 Megs $48.95
  • SpeedNet Plus - Up to 6 Megs $54.95
  • SpeedNet Commercial - Up to 12 Megs $60.95

** Wireless Modem Purchase Required $90.00**

We are giving you advance notice so that you are able to secure cable services with another provider without interruption of service. Once you have secured service with another provider, we ask that you contact our office advising us ofthe date you would like your cable service to end. We will then make arrangements to pick up any equipment, (digital set top boxes, OVR set top boxes/HOM! cables, remotes, etc.).

We greatly appreciate the years of support from all of our customers in the STS Cable Community. We look forward to continuing to serve you with our high speed internet services.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Once again, we regret having to make this decision, and thank you for your loyalty over the years.

STS Cable Staff and Officers

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